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Summer Online Undergraduate Program (SOUP)

A schedule of summer classes will be available online in March


Georgia Tech's Summer Online Undergraduate Program (SOUP) offers on-campus summer courses in an online format, with sessions lasting five or 11-weeks. Course lectures are streamed live and recordings are posted online the same day the class meets on campus.

Before registering for a SOUP course, review all course requirements including the syllabus and proctor requirements. While the online environment allows for flexibility in your schedule, it is also highly structured with clear due dates and exam schedules. Time zones are taken into consideration during scheduling but all posted lectures, exams, and assignments are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

A full list of Summer 2019 courses will be available in March. If you are participating in a study abroad program, you are not eligible to participate in SOUP courses.

Online Course Experience

What's it like to take an online course at Georgia Tech? Our sample lecture can help you get a sense of what the online course experience is really about.
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