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How It Works

SOUP’s online format is perfect for Georgia Tech students who want to take a summer course, but won’t be able to be on campus then due to work or other commitments. Classes are semester-based and operate much like on-campus courses.


After completing a few steps to determine if the program will meet your needs, the registration process is nearly identical to the one for other courses. The only difference is that you must select the “QUP” section of the course; doing so tells Georgia Tech that you want to register for the online offering.

Enrolling in one or more SOUP courses will count as an “enrolled term” and meet the conditions to avoid readmission.


You’re responsible for arranging your own proctors. We encourage you to begin searching for some as soon as you decide to register for a SOUP course. See Nominate a Proctor and Common Questions about Proctors for details.