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Your Proctor

Your Designated Proctor for SOUP Courses

Only the person that you’ve designated as your primary proctor will receive your exams. You can change the designation through Georgia Tech’s proctor administration tool (PAT).

Also, you are responsible for arranging your own proctors. The proctor method will be included in the posting for each course. If online proctoring isn’t listed for your course, start searching for eligible proctors as soon as you decide to participate in SOUP.

Your proctor must be located where you’ll be taking the exam. If you’ll be in more than one location this summer, nominate a proctor for each one you’ll be at when there is going to be an exam. (Professors will provide their exam dates in early 2017; we’ll add this information to the SOUP course listings as we receive it.)

It’s wise to have more than one proctor in the location where you’ll spend the most time.

Ready to nominate a proctor?

Once you’ve identified someone to administer your exams, you must nominate the potential proctor through your PAT account. (Nominating someone does not guarantee approval.)


If you’re still unsure about something after reading through the SOUP website, please contact us.