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Common Questions about Proctors

Below are the most frequently asked questions about proctoring in our Summer Online Undergraduate Program (SOUP). If you’re still unsure about something after reviewing this page and other parts of the SOUP website, please contact us.
What is a proctor, why do I need one, and who can be one?
A proctor is an individual who administers exams. It is your responsibility, as a student, to nominate proctors before your classes begin.

The proctors for your SOUP courses, will act as officials of Georgia Tech who monitor you when you take your exams.

The proctor that you designate in the PAT system as your primary proctor will have full responsibility for your exam and be the only person able to access it. Your proctor will have specific instructions on how to download and upload exams into Georgia Tech’s system. You are NOT allowed to have possession of the exam until your scheduled test date and time. You also are NOT permitted to keep a copy of the exam.

Georgia Tech asks that when selecting a proctor, you choose someone who has the capabilities and resources to administer your exam in a setting that ensures you’ll have total concentration during test time. This can be a library room, conference room, or classroom.

To become a proctor, each nominee you submit must also meet these additional criteria:

  • Cannot be a parent, sibling, co-worker, parent's co-worker, apartment or real-estate manager, clergy member, neighbor, K-12 educator (elementary, middle or high school), a relative, a friend, or a friend of your family
  • Can be the student’s manager, supervisor, or human resources manager
  • Should have scanning, printing, and computer capabilities
  • Must provide a driver’s license (color, scanned, front- and back-side picture) or a valid passport
  • Must read, speak, and understand English

How many proctors should I have?
We recommend that you nominate at least three proctors in case your main proctor cannot administer an exam to you for any reason. All of your nominees must follow the guidelines mentioned above to qualify as a Georgia Tech proctor. However, you only need one proctor for each test you take.

How do I get a potential proctor approved?
Once you register for the Summer Online Undergraduate Program (SOUP), you’ll receive access to the proctor administration tool (PAT). You will need to nominate your proctor via this system before you begin your classes. The PAT system will ask for information about your proctor, such as:

  • full name
  • email address
  • phone number
  • relationship to you

We’ll contact your proctor nominees and take them through an approval process. This takes about 15 minutes; however, because of the volume of students nominating multiple proctors, please allow ample time for the screening process. We approve based on exam schedules; not in order of submissions.

After we approve one of your nominees, your proctor will have all the information necessary to administer your exam.

If we deny one of your proctor nominations, it’s your responsibility to find another candidate who meets the proctor qualifications. (Nominating a proctor doesn’t guarantee approval.)

What are the exam dates for my SOUP course?
There are various reasons you may need to know the exam dates for your SOUP course. We’ll add this information to the course listings as faculty share it with us, so please check this webpage often. If the exam dates for your course aren’t posted yet and you need them for planning purposes, please contact your professor.


Ready to nominate a proctor?

Once you’ve identified someone qualified to administer your exams, nominate your potential proctor through your PAT account.