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Nominate a Proctor

Follow these step-by-step instructions to nominate a proctor to administer your exams. Failure to complete this process may impact your status in the course.

NOTE: Your proctor is required to read, speak, and understand English.

If you are nominating a proctor outside of the United States, there is a two-part process that must be followed. Failure to complete both parts will result in your proctor not being approved and will affect your status in the course.

Step 1. Submit your nomination through the Proctor Administration Tool (PAT)  or click here. 

a. This will take you to the PAT.  To log into PAT by using your Georgia Tech email username and password.

Step 2:

Select the 'Edit my profile' tab.


Step 3:

Go through account, personal information, background information, and personal address tabs to insure all the information in PAT is accurate.


Step 4:

From the Student Home Page, select the term you want to nominate a proctor at the top of the page. Then, click on the New Proctor hyperlink under ‘Nominate a Proctor’.

Step 5:

Please review and update your profile. Read and accept the Academic Honor Code, then click ‘Continue’.

Step 6:

Complete the fields to let us know who you would like to nominate as a proctor and click ‘Submit my proctor nomination’ to finish.