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The beginning of a new year is a great time to create and refine your personal and professional resolutions (even if you’ve already let one slip). And while you don’t have to wait to usher in a new year to refocus or set new goals, sometimes it’s the spark you need to bring you growth and success all year long.

Here at GTPE, we closely monitor the latest industry trends to ensure we bring you the best for your lifelong learning. One of the hottest tech trends we are most excited about this year is CYBERSECURITY.

Top 10 Reasons to Keep Learning in 2018

If you have a passion for learning, you’re not alone. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, most adults see themselves as lifelong learners. Whether for personal or professional reasons, 73 percent of those surveyed consider learning to be a lifelong pursuit. Of the working adults surveyed, 63 percent indicated that they had taken some form of professional development in the previous year.

2017: The Year of the MOOC

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are taking the education world by storm. These flexible online courses are allowing thousands around the world to develop professional competencies on their own schedules, without breaking the bank. In addition to walking away with the self-satisfaction of a newly acquired skill, MOOCs are also a killer addition to any resume.

Here were your top 10 go-to Georgia Tech MOOCs this year:

Top Courses You Loved in 2017

More than 26,000 professionals come to GTPE each year to receive their continuing education and the options have never been better – or more affordable. Whether you want to pick up new technical skills or earn a certification for a promotion, online courses offer a great budget-friendly alternative to the conventional degree.

Check out which of our professional development courses you loved the most this year:

Trending: Hottest Online Master's Degrees of 2017

Tighter deadlines, globalization, and changing technology. The modern workforce is becoming increasingly more complex and shows no sign of slowing down. To meet the rapid changes and to stay relevant, professionals are turning to online master's degrees to advance their know-how, without disrupting their career.

Here are some of our online master's and professional master's degrees that had your attention this year:

Pathways to Success

Nothing beats the power of professional education when it comes to advancing your career. Our graduates have used their credentials to leap forward and make sweeping changes in their lives.

Chris Sticher, for example, found himself in need of a new career when his company changed strategic focus. Earning the Project Management Certificate enabled him to forge a new path and weather the changes in his organization.

A Path to Career and Organizational Value

As an accomplished environmental, safety, and health professional, Rick Givens understood early on how lifelong professional development can pave a path to advancing his career and add trusted value to his organization. Rick has become the first learner to earn all 11 of the Occupational Safety and Health certificates offered by Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE). Rick shares his perspective on his learning path and the impact it has had on both his career and the others around him.

Meet Vincent J. Hoover

When U.S. Army Plans Officer Vincent J. Hoover attended his first job fair, he had no doubt he was well prepared. Having graduated from the VET² Lean Six Sigma program offered in Georgia Tech-Savannah, the finance major and infantry officer was interviewed by eight companies. “Hands down, I was one of the best candidates there because of the Georgia Tech Lean Six Sigma Black Belt program,” he said.

Evening Classes at GTPE

Progressive work experience combined with formal instruction is a winning formula for career success. But for busy professionals, taking time off work to take classes can be a challenge. That’s where evening programs come in!

Coding Classes Offered in the Evenings and on Saturdays