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Updates on the campus response to coronavirus (COVID-19)

Georgia College Students, Faculty Adjust to Remote Learning

Colleges all across Georgia are learning how to shift their campuses onto the computer. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States, Georgia colleges have sent all their students home and moved their classrooms online. This transition has presented many difficulties, particularly for courses with more hands-on instruction, but students and faculty everywhere are coming up with creative solutions to face these difficulties.

Fourth-Year Student Improves GPA and Accelerates Degree with SOUP

For students looking for a way to stay on top of their studies during the summer, Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE) offers on-campus summer courses in an online format, known as the Summer Online Undergraduate Program (SOUP).

Whether taking a class that normally fills up during the fall and spring semesters or lightening your load for a future semester, the program is a convenient way to make progress toward your degree. It also pairs well with an internship, co-op, or summer job.

Women in Construction: The OSHA Impact

As the founder and CEO of a construction management firm in Atlanta and the director of marketing for a safety clothing line that caters to women in the trades, Meloni Boatswain understands the importance of utilizing professional development and training to advance her career. Meloni shares her perspective on being a female safety and health professional and how Georgia Tech's Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) training has helped her become a better employer, contractor, and worker.

Future-Proof Your Professional Goals in 2020

Reflect on the professional goals that you've set for yourself – are they still relevant and realistic? If you haven't recently reassessed your career ambitions, now is a great time to do so.

If you aren't sure where to start, here are some tips on self-reflection and gathering external insight. But, you shouldn't stop there. With your goals and professional "why" worked out, it's time to analyze the steps you'll need to take in order to grow now and into the future.

New Year, New Career Goals

It’s January, 2020. Not just a new year, but a brand-spanking-new decade. You’re armed with a fresh set of personal resolutions and ready to go.

But what about your professional life? Have you thought about where you are in your career? Are you heading in the right direction? Maybe the career opportunity you’ve been looking for isn’t happening as quickly as you’d like. Or the course you’d originally charted no longer fits the current landscape.

The Value of Hiring a Military Veteran

If you’re looking for reasons to hire a vet, it isn’t hard to find them. Service in the military demonstrates a level of commitment, comfort with responsibility, and work ethic that is difficult to match.

Military Officer to Organization Services Coordinator

Having served in the U.S. Army and Army National Guard for 20 years, Shawanda "Wanda" Perry knows the value of good leadership and management skills. During her military career, Perry gained considerable experience in operations planning, analysis, personnel management, and public service while assigned in various leadership positions in the Army as well as in volunteer and community organizations. A combat veteran of both Operation Iraqi Freedom (Iraq) and Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan), she retired from a successful and rewarding career as an Army Intelligence Officer.

From Retiree to Data Scientist at NASA

For most of us, unfinished business at college means a few remaining credits standing in the way of a diploma – not pursuing an additional advanced degree.

Future-Proof Your Career with Lifetime Education

In today’s business environment, it’s easier than ever to become irrelevant. New knowledge is being created at such a pace that we can barely keep up, and it’s perpetually expanding. Today’s workers need to keep a finger on the pulse of developments in their fields and constantly update their capabilities. Ongoing professional development, in these ever-changing times, is not merely an option. It’s a necessity for professional survival.

Map Out Your Future With a 'Personal Board of Directors'

In an era of rapid technological development, acquiring new skills is more than a matter of professional development. It is a matter of professional survival. The goal is to keep pace with change and remain relevant in your chosen field. The question is how to do that strategically, especially when people now hold an average of 12 jobs in their lifetime.