Celebrating Women in STEM

Empowering women in science, technology, engineering, and math to challenge gender bias and stereotypes

Across all sectors, women have made key contributions in the workforce, but despite some progress over the last decade, many challenges remain as a result of systemic inequalities, biases, policy issues, and gender stereotypes. Conversely, early research shows that the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic could exacerbate the limited progress that has been made on gender equality and women’s rights.

At Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE), we believe progress is achievable, but will require a willingness to embrace the power of inclusion. We also believe the future of work is better equipped with women at every table where decisions are being made.

We can all choose to challenge and call out gender bias and inequality. We can all choose to seek out and celebrate women's achievements. Collectively, we can all break the bias.

“I challenge us to shift from a mentality of scarcity to abundance. The easiest way for women to support one another is to speak positive, uplifting words to each other, mentor, and bring others alongside.”
LaTrese Ferguson - WLPD
LaTrese Ferguson WLPD
“I challenge you to surround yourself with people who REALLY know you and who encourage your strengths. Be fearless in the pursuit of your dreams. Smile.”
Jacqueline Garner - OMS Analytics
Jacqueline Garner OMS Analytics
“I challenge us to believe that there is room for us to succeed. The real success isn't being the only woman at the table, it's ensuring there's succession when you leave that precious seat.”
Yakut Gazi - GTPE
Yakut Gazi GTPE
“Growing up, I often thought, "I cannot do that.” But when I tried, I learned that I could do it. I challenge you to not be afraid of trying. We can do so much.”
Sasha Boldyreva - OMS Cybersecurity
Sasha Boldyreva OMS Cybersecurity

The Power of Diversity in the Future of Work

As the global arm of the Institute, Georgia Tech Professional Education has long recognized the power of diverse perspectives to drive creativity. Especially during times of transition, you want to make sure you are taking full advantage of all of the brain-power at the table. Here are effectvive strategies to influence your organization and be better prepared for the future of work.

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Female professional leading a business meeting

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Female professional leading a business meeting

Advice from Women in STEM

We're celebrating some of Georgia Tech’s remarkable women as they share their advice for future generations of female STEM professionals. An equal world is an enabled world. Together, we can champion diversity and commit to closing the STEM gender gap.

Continued Success for a Lifetime

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