Lights, Camera, Classroom

Behind the sciences of today's online courses

February 07, 2020 | By Shannon Helton-Amos
Georgia Tech learning design studio for online education courses.

Atlanta has become widely known as the Hollywood of the South for its growing film industry. However, a lesser known studio exists right on Georgia Tech’s campus, and it is just as impactful as any movie studio, if not more, as it serves thousands of students and working professionals each year through lifetime education.

As one of the country’s premier online education providers, Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE) offers courses, degrees, and certificates to thousands of students across Georgia and the globe each year. These learners come from all over the world, and engaging such a diverse group throughout the duration of a full course, certificate, or degree requires not only an expert eye for detail but also a little flair of movie magic.

Georgia Tech Professional Education takes you behind the scenes of their studio and the course-making process, from instructional design to final delivery.

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