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The New Dimensions of at-Scale Learning

Educational innovators gather at virtual symposium to examine current- and future-state of at-scale programs around the globe

On March 2-3 2021, Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE) hosted its signature event, the Affordable Degrees-at-Scale Symposium, as a way to examine the current- and future-state of at-scale programs based on successful implementations in the U.S. and around the globe.

When GTPE delivered its first symposium in 2017, it attracted 57 attendees from peer institutions. At this year's virtual symposium, more than 500 attendees from higher education institutions all over the country attended, and featured 19 speakers from universities not only across the country, but also India and The Netherlands.

Streamed live through a video conferencing platform, the symposium began with introductory remarks from Georgia Tech President, Ángel Cabrera, challenging higher education leaders to rethink what is possible and how technology can be leverage for the future of online education.

"Technology used in the right way can change the basic parameters of higher education," noted President Cabrera. "Our journey continues and we are not in this alone."

Interactive panel discussions and deep-dive presentations around topics such as performance-based admissions, marketing, demand analysis, student engagement, artificial intelligence, and more. Yakut Gazi, associate dean of Learning Systems at GTPE, served as host and moderator during the event and Georgia Tech at-scale experts were represented throughout several of the sessions.

The highlight of the symposium included the release of an international open access book of institutional responses to the massive shift to remote and online delivery of courses over the last year. Moving Horizontally: The New Dimensions of at-Scale Learning in the Time of COVID1-9, is the first to pose the response as an issue of scale and adds an important perspective to the ongoing discussion around educational transformation.

A featured panel during the symposium brought together some of the eBook contributors to discuss their personal experiences serving students at-scale both horizontally and vertically, and how they can use technology to address the kinds of problems unearthered by the pandemic –access, affordability, and achievement.

"We believe that scale, both vertically and horizontally, is the future of accessible and affordable education and we thank you for showing us new pathways to get there," remarked Gazi.

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