Executive Director Named for Online Master's of Science in Cybersecurity

Brenden Kuerbis to serve in the key leadership position

October 06, 2022 | By GTPE Communications
Headshot of Brenden Kuerbis, Ph.D., and Executive Director of the OMS Cybersecurity degree program, set on a tech background featuring a lock

Brenden Kuerbis, a research scientist II in the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts School of Public Policy, has been named executive director of the Online Master of Science in Cybersecurity (OMS Cybersecurity) program.

In this role, Kuerbis will be responsible for will work in collaboration with track directors to coordinate decisions and activities for the degree program with the faculty, oversee its budget, assist in program and course development and continuous improvement processes, work with academic units on scheduling and planning, and to help with recruitment and admissions, among other duties.

With technology rapidly evolving and computer and network systems becoming more intricate, there is a high market demand for qualified, analytical, and innovative cybersecurity professionals to oversee the health and safety of these networks. A recent study indicated a workforce gap of 2.7 million in 2021, reiterating the pressing need for accessible, quality educational options.

“Brenden’s experience will be an excellent asset to the program as we work to amplify our robust standard of delivering high-quality online and distance programs that meet the changing needs of the adult learner across the various stages of their career and industries,” said Nelson Baker, dean, Professional Education.

“Cybersecurity is a dynamic and complex field,” Baker said. “The interdisciplinary combination of the program’s technical acumen, policy, and the implication to our physical infrastructure helps professionals develop a solid foundation while also preparing them to manage change.

Kuerbis has a strong background in internet governance, the study of security standards in DNS and routing, the IPv4-IPv6 transition, and privacy and competition in digital identifiers and infrastructure, as well as practical experience participating in Internet governing organizations. He hopes to continue to build partnerships with industry and other stakeholders to help develop innovative courses and alternative offerings to meet the needs of working students and employers.

“I’m excited to work together with the MS Cybersecurity Program Directors to help shape the next phase of the online program,” Kuerbis said. “More than ever, organizations globally need skilled leaders that understand the technical, business, and policy challenges that cybersecurity presents. OMS Cybersecurity, housed at a world-class research university in a leading city of industry, continues to prepare and grow that workforce."

Kuerbis has been with Georgia Tech since 2015. In addition to his position at the School of Public Policy, he is a partner in the Internet Governance Project, a leading source of independent analysis of global internet governance. His work focuses on the intersection of cybersecurity concerns and internet governance institutions.

Kuerbis earned his Ph.D. from the Syracuse University School of Information Studies in 2011 and holds degrees from the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver and the University of Colorado.