Executive Profile: Amy Corn Cultivates Atlanta's Fintech Talent

New fintech education program poised to provide skills training to the local community

April 06, 2021 | By GTPE Communications
Fintech concept of candlestick chart about finance and trading quotations overlayed on laptop.

With 25 years of experience in the financial technology and telecommunications field, Amy Corn is a change agent in the community — coaching, teaching, and encouraging others to be willing to adapt and get comfortable with an evolving marketplace. Now, in her new role as Academic Program Director for Georgia Tech's fintech education program, Corn has the perfect opportunity to position the community for growth by providing learning and professional development to the workforce.

Fintech is a significant economic driver for Atlanta, nicknamed "Transaction Alley" for its vast payments infrastructure, and plays a key role in economic and workforce development for the region, nationally and internationally. With learners as a top priority, Georgia Tech Professional Education strives to amplify the impact of higher education in the fintech industry by expanding access to programs across a diverse workforce and championing innovation through collaboration across the public and private sector.

"[The creation] of a professional education program that strategically aligns with the needs of the marketplace for new talent, and the upskill and reskill of existing talent, will amplify the impact to the overall economy," notes Corn in a recent article with Atlanta Business Journal. "That impact is my motivation."

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