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Fall 2024 Application Opens Aug. 15, 2023

Online Learning

What To Expect 

Before enrolling in an online degree, you should assess your readiness for stepping into the online learning environment. Our degrees are designed to provide students with the STEM and leadership capabilities to be competitive in their fields.

Lectures and student-faculty interactions are digitally captured and then posted for students to view on demand. Students are granted access to class materials online and will have an online account to submit and monitor homework and exams. Media rich, digital learning tools allow for online lectures, videos, discussion boards, web conferencing, and more. Students submit regular assignments including homework, projects, and papers. In addition, some degrees may include secure, proctored online exams. 

Upon completion of their degrees, many online students make the journey to Atlanta for Commencement ceremonies, where they can meet their peers and professors in person. 



Courses coincide with the Georgia Tech Academic Calendar. Though you can complete course assignments during the hours that work best for you, you must finish each course within the required timeframe. Each course has built-in deadlines and assessments along the way to make sure you stay on track. 

Each course is just as rigorous as its on-campus equivalent. Students in Georgia Tech’s online programs who work full-time are typically able to complete two courses per semester.  


Homework and Assessments 

Each professor determines due dates for assignments and exams for each course. We use current and new strategies to encourage academic integrity. Students in these programs are expected to comply with the Georgia Tech Academic Honor Code



There will be a tiered structure of human support available to each student. Because you learn at your own location and during the times that you prefer, electronic interaction (email, discussion board) is your primary means of communicating with instructors and other students. 

In addition, most courses require you to engage regularly in online discussions and collaborative work with classmates. As an online student, it is important to feel comfortable interacting with others from a distance, since you will not have the same face-to-face contact as a student learning on campus. 


Time Management 

Online courses are intense and can consume a great deal of your time. In order to receive competitive grades, plan on spending at least three hours per credit hour per week. Someone taking two courses at three credit hours each can expect to spend roughly 18-20 hours per week on coursework. Read all the course content, complete all the assignments, and block out time to do it. 


Course Tour 

Our online experience consists of expertly designed courses, world-class faculty, and rigorous coursework. Our sample lecture can help you get a sense of what online learning is really about. 



All of our online degrees are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). 


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