Formats & Schedule

Hybrid Learning: Face-to-Face and Online

As a PMML student, you’ll obtain most of your two-year education online via pre-recorded lectures and real-time web-conferencing sessions. You’ll also gather three times in Atlanta for week-long meetings. These campus visits will enable you to develop stronger relationships with peers and faculty; yet they’re spread out enough that they won’t hinder your professional responsibilities. 

Additionally, faculty support is available during virtual office hours

Professional Master's in Manufacturing Leadership Cohort Program 

A new group of students begin the PMML program each fall. Called a cohort, these classmates take each master’s course together (see chart below). They also collaborate on various projects and assignments. In addition to becoming a tight-knit group, which will benefit you in many ways, this team approach is a great way to increase your leadership and communication skills.

Course sequence 

The PMML program includes 10 manufacturing leadership courses. To complete them within two years, you will register for two sequential seven-week courses per semester (one course at a time) for four semesters. Additionally, you’ll take one course for two consecutive summers. Finally, the program culminates with the capstone course that takes place in the last summer which is twelve weeks.

Using this approach, you will spend a total of three weeks on campus over a two-year period. Time spent on campus will occur in late summer of year 1, fall of year 2, and summer of year 2.




FALL 2017
Two 7-week courses

MGT 6114   Leadership Development (1-WEEK CAMPUS VISIT)
ISYE 6381   Manufacturing Reliability 

Two 7-week courses

MGT 6753   Principles of Management for Engineers
ISYE 6380   Production Planning and Control

One 7-week course

Elective 1     (Choose one)
MLDR 6701   Foundational Topics in the Manufacturing of Forest Bioproducts
MLDR 8813   Foundational Topics in the Chemical Manufacturing Industry
MLDR 8833   Foundational Topics in Discrete Product Development and
Design for Manufacturing



FALL 2018
Two 7-week courses

ISYE 6383   Manufacturing Supply Chain Operations
MGT 6107   Leadership and Organizational Change (1-WEEK CAMPUS VISIT)

Two 7-week courses

ISYE 6382     Quality Control and Lean Manufacturing
Elective 2     (Choose one)
MLDR 8803   Emerging Technology for Forest Bioproducts
MLDR 8823   Emerging Technology for the Chemical Manufacturing Industry
MLDR 8843   Emerging Technology in Discrete Manufacturing

One 10-week course

MLDR 6800   Manufacturing Leadership (1-WEEK CAMPUS VISIT)
Capstone Design Challenge, Graduation