Meeting Rooms

With over 12,000 square feet of modern meeting space and 13 rooms to choose from, our meeting rooms are the ideal choice for day meetings, classes, break-out sessions, training programs, and conferences.

Some highlights and features of our meeting rooms include:

  • Flexible configurations for a variety of room setups
  • Natural lighting for a bright and inviting atmosphere
  • Fluorescence and incandescent lighting with clearly marked controls
  • Comfortable, ergonomic seating and hard writing surfaces for easier notetaking
  • Complimentary notepads and pens
  • Whiteboard, flip chart, and markers with walls conducive to posting sheets and notes
  • Courtesy phones for local calls
  • Premium Technology A/V Package
  • Business concierge to assist with meeting needs

Room Specs & Setups

Room Covid-19 Social
Distancing Capacity
Capacity Dimensions Square Ft.
130 25 28 30 x 30 915
150 22 32 28 x 28 806
152 26 26 28 x 31 95
156 24 24 36 x 24 900
158 28 56 36 x 28 1008
323 29 36* 35 x 29 1061
324 28 36* 35 x 28 1023
327 31 32 36 x 30 1115
328 28 36 34 x 30 1013
330 28 36* 35 x 28 1022
331 28 36* 35 x 28 1023
334 28 36* 35 x 28 1023
335 28 36* 35 x 28 995

*Rooms are connected by an adjacent soundproof airwall that can be removed to increase capacity. 

Room dimensions are approximate, and actual square footage will vary. For information on additional configurations and seating capacities not shown here, please contact one of our sales managers.

Room arranged with angled tables


Close to the classroom style, but tables and chairs are slightly angled. Great for group trainings and lectures.

Room arranged in rows of tables with chairs facing front


Rows of tables with chairs facing the front of a room (and usually a speaker), providing writing space for each person.

Room with round tables with chairs around half of the table

Crescent Rounds

A group of rounds where participants are seated around half of the table so all are facing the front with no backs to the presenter.

Room where tables are arranged in a square with center hollow


Tables arranged in a square (or rectangle), leaving the center hollow. Chairs are placed around outside of tables. This lends itself to group discussions and brainstorming.

Room where tables are arranged in small squares with chairs around perimeter


Tables are arranged in small squares or rectangles with seats around the perimeter. An ideal set up for an interactive training or brainstorm.

Room with round tables and chairs around entire perimeter


A group of round tables where participants sit around the perimeter of the table. Each table can sit up to eight comfortably.

Room with chairs arranged in rows and no tables


Allows for the greatest number of participants to fit comfortably into one room. Best designed for lectures, presentations, and Q&As.

Room where tables are arranged in "U" shape and chairs around perimeter


Often used for meetings that combine a lecture or presentation with group interaction and works well with video conferencing.

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