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Empower adult learners for a lifetime of success

Lifetime learners are a rapidly growing component of Georgia Tech’s student population. Some pursue ongoing professional education to advance in their jobs. Others do so to change careers. Some aim to stand out in competitive fields. While adult learners have many reasons to continue their education throughout their lives, one reason remains the same for all: return on investment. Here are some examples of the impact lifetime learning has had on GTPE learners.

Esterling Accime working on laptop computer
Esterling Accime
Full Stack Web Development Certificate

“The team building and immediate immersion into the subject are unlike any other learning environment, where talented professionals are able to learn from each other in the workshop scenarios. This experience provides you with a network of continuous learning and sharing of ideas.”

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Brian Brown intently looking at camera with blurred trees in background
Brian Brown
Scrum Certification Program

“My primary goal was to understand the fundamentals of Agile software development as we developed strategies to facilitate a transition from Waterfall processes. Agile training gave us insight into how to develop and introduce this asset into our development processes.”

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Nicole de Vries smiling in front of beige background
Nicole de Vries
Online Master of Science in Analytics

“I got to interact with people from different countries, different backgrounds, different industries. The online program was even more diverse than the on-campus program, which is already super diverse."

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of adult learners say they will need additional education to keep up with advancements in their industries.


of learners benefit from GTPE’s courses, certificate programs, and online master's degrees each year.


of GTPE learners report an increase in industry knowledge, enhanced efficiency, and career growth.

My role was changing wildly as a result of our new CEO's global and lean manufacturing focus, and I needed to succeed to stay with the company. The opportunity that my investment in project management experience, skills, and education has afforded me is astounding.

- Chris Sticher
Project Management Certificate Program
Chris Sticher thoughtfully looking at camera with Tech Square in background
Rick Givens, Environmental Health Safety and Security Professional
Rick Givens
Occupational Safety and Health Certification

“This program helped me develop a mindset and skill set that allows me to systematically solve problems in any job function and industry.”

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Dan Hawks smirking in front of blurred background
Dan Hawks
Online Master of Science in Analytics

“The students have done an amazing job getting material out to each other and sharing links to online resources that might prove helpful. Students are very responsive to other students who are asking questions, and more than that, there’s a social aspect. There’s a sense of community, for sure.”

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Vincent Hoover smiling with a classroom in background
Vincent Hoover
VET² Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Program

“Thanks to your program and a great deal of hard work, I was able to rebuild an executive role within my company as the senior director, Project Management Office (PMO) and strategic partner to the president.”

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GTPE learners have sharpened their skills, acquired new knowledge, and earned high-demand credentials to advance their careers. See the impact by the numbers for FY18.

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Learn why adults pursue professional and continuing education, the role technology advancements play in the future of work, and how adult learners aim to keep up with the changing job market.

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