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September 24, 2018 | By Kelsey Harris
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New data by the Babson Survey Research Group shows accelerating growth in U.S. distance education for the 14th year in a row, even as overall traditional college enrollments remain stagnant or decrease. Online enrollments continue to be driven by those seeking flexible, high-quality education opportunities to support lifelong success.

Georgia Tech Professional Education's (GTPE) first entry into learning at a distance began with electrical engineering graduate courses via satellite more than 40 years ago. Today, online learning at Georgia Tech is thriving as GTPE enrolls more than 10,000 online learners each year. Built on Georgia Tech's commitment to deliver high-quality, affordable, and accessible education, Georgia Tech Online was created as a hub for all online programs offered by Georgia Tech. From free MOOCs to professional microcredentials and fully accredited Georgia Tech master's degrees, Georgia Tech Online delivers media-rich, learner-centric experiences at the level of commitment that's right for you.

What can Georgia Tech Online offer the career-minded, lifetime learner like you?

Engaging Digital Learning Experiences

All online programs are developed by GTPE's Learning Design Team who understand the specific needs of adult learners in an online environment. The team — comprised of instructional designers, interactive media producers, graphic artists, editors, and simulation experts — partners with faculty to revamp their in-class lectures into material suitable for highly engaging and effective online learning. From short video modules to the interspersion of short assessments and customized graphics and illustrations, this collective approach curates a personalized online experience to match comprehension rate and increase consumption, retainment, and engagement.

Georgia Tech is a top-notch and internationally recognized institution. I knew if I was going back to school I wanted to learn from the best institution. -Daniel Bohannon

Flexible Learning Experiences

Whether upgrading existing skills, developing new expertise, or earning in-demand credentials, online learning allows you to mix and match course content and credentials to distribute learning throughout your lifetime, as you see fit. Online courses provide easy on- and off-ramps to stay current with the latest tools and technologies in your industry. A media-rich online learning platform allows for collaboration with faculty and peers and dynamic online discussions wherever, whenever. Some programs also allow you to combine online and onsite courses to deliver immediate return on investment. More than 12 of Georgia Tech's in-depth program certificates offer online course offerings, while the Supply Chain Fundamentals Certificate can be earned completely online.


Massive Learning

Rapid expansion in technology has given learners worldwide access to Georgia Tech's top-ranked programs and world-class faculty through open online courses (commonly called MOOCs). Total MOOC enrollments have exceeded 3.3 million to date with more than 30 MOOCs offered across three partner learning platforms. This self-paced and free online option allows for depth on a particular subject matter, without committing to larger, more expensive programs. The "massive online" format is also the backbone of Georgia Tech's online Master of Science degrees with the launch of the Online Master of Science in Computer Science program in 2013. Five years later, Georgia Tech has reached over 9,000 learners and added analytics and cybersecurity to the list of degrees-at-scale. These MOOC-inspired programs encourage collaborative learning and give access to a virtual global network of faculty, peers, and industry experts.

I got to interact with people from different countries, different backgrounds, and different industries. The online program was even more diverse than the on-campus program. -Nicole de Vries

Alternative Pathways

From high school students and Georgia Tech undergraduates looking to get ahead of their studies to professionals who want to validate their skills, alternative pathways provide specialized programs that suit distinct learning goals. Georgia Tech is exploring online competency-based assessments with a limited offering of microcredentials and badge assessments through The University Learning Store. Alternate pathways to enter degree programs have also emerged through MicroMasters, a series of credit-eligible courses delivered via an open online platform. The Analytics: Essential Tools and Methods MicroMasters offered by edX provides foundational competencies in analytics and can stand on its own or serve as an introduction into Georgia Tech's Online Master of Science in Analytics.

Why Georgia Tech Online?

As more and more jobs rely on high-level skills that must be updated and redefined throughout one's career, the profile of a "traditional" learner will continue to change. Georgia Tech Online will give you the on-demand expertise to pursue your lifetime career goals on your own time, from anywhere in the world.

My career potential was limited, and I knew I needed better tools to take advantage of the skills I possessed. Now, I'm able to bridge the gap between customers and engineering teams to make a real impact. -John Bliss

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