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Online Master of Science in Analytics

Analytics: Essential Tools and Methods MicroMasters® Overview

The Analytics MicroMasters program is comprised of three foundational courses from Georgia Tech's full, interdisciplinary Online Master of Science in Analytics (OMS Analytics) degree. These open, online courses offer learners an interdisciplinary understanding of the essential fundamentals of analytics, including analysis methods, analytical tools, and business applications, while also serving as a helpful introduction to the OMS Analytics degree experience.

Learners who successfully earn the MicroMasters credential may apply for admission into the OMS Analytics program, and if accepted, can apply for advanced standing credit.


Introduction to Analytics Modeling (DL 001MM)

Analytical models are key to understanding data, generating predictions, and making business decisions. Without models, it is nearly impossible to gain insights from data. In modeling, it’s essential to understand how to choose the right data sets, algorithms, techniques, and formats to ...

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Data Analytics in Business (DL 003MM)

Businesses, consumers, and societies leave behind massive amounts of data as a by-product of their activities. Leading-edge companies in every industry are using analytics to replace intuition and guesswork in their decision making. As a result, managers are collecting and analyzing enormous d...

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Computing for Data Analysis (DL 002MM)

This course is your hands-on introduction to programming techniques relevant to data analysis and machine learning. Most of the programming exercises will be based on Python and SQL.

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MicroMasters Frequently Asked Questions

MicroMasters Program
What is the program?

The Analytics: Essential Tools and Methods MicroMasters program is comprised of three foundational courses from Georgia Tech’s full, interdisciplinary OMS Analytics degree.

The foundational courses are: 

  • ISYE 6501 - Introduction to Analytics Modeling
  • MGT 6203 - Data Analytics in Business
  • CSE 6040 - Computing for Data Analytics

This program is offered by edX and is not a Georgia Tech degree. However, the required outcomes, course experience, and course assessments are identical between the three MicroMasters program courses and the three corresponding OMS Analytics courses. 

How much does it cost?

MicroMasters courses are free and open for enrollment to anyone. For learners who want to earn a MicroMasters certificate as a standalone credential, the cost is $1,500 ($500 per course) to $2,475 ($825 per course).

What are the differences between the MicroMasters and OMS Analytics program?

See our program comparison table to help choose the right analytics program for you.

Can I use the MicroMasters courses towards the OMS Analytics degree?

Learners who complete the Analytics: Essential Tools and Methods MicroMasters program certificate through edX and choose to continue their studies in analytics may apply the courses to the OMS Analytics degree program at Georgia Tech.

Applicants who meet all regular admission requirements and are admitted into the program may petition to apply up to nine hours (three courses) from the edX MicroMasters credential. These hours are considered advanced standing credit toward the 36 hours required for the degree. A petition for advanced standing does not guarantee approval, and in some cases these courses may need to be repeated for them to count toward your degree.

How do I find out more about the MicroMasters?

About the Georgia Tech and edX Partnership

The Georgia Tech and edX collaboration brings together leaders in education innovation to help learners gain in-demand skills to advance their careers in an affordable, flexible and accessible way. The Analytics: Essential Tools and Methods MicroMasters program is offered by edX and provides learners around the world access to high-quality courses and expertise from Georgia Tech’s top ranked Online Master of Science degree program.

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