Computing for Data Analysis

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Course Description

This course is your hands-on introduction to programming techniques relevant to data analysis and machine learning. Most of the programming exercises will be based on Python and SQL.

How You Will Benefit

  • You will build, "from scratch," the basic components of a data analysis pipeline: collection, preprocessing, storage, analysis, and visualization.
  • Beyond programming languages and best practices, you’ll learn elementary data processing algorithms, notions of program correctness and efficiency, and numerical methods for linear algebra and mathematical optimization.



You should have at least an undergraduate-level understanding in the following topics:

  • Programming proficiency in Python or similar language
  • Basic calculus
  • Probability and statistics
  • Linear algebra

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Who Should Attend

Students who are familiar with basic programming ideas at the level of the Python Bootcamp.


  • Topic 0: Course and co-developer intros
  • Topic 1: Python bootcamp review + intro to Jupyter
  • Topic 2: Pairwise association mining
  • Topic 3: Mathematical preliminaries probability, calculus, linear algebra
  • Topic 4: Representing numbers floating-point arithmetic, numerical analysis
  • Topic 5: Preprocessing unstructured data Strings and regular expressions
  • Topic 6: Mining the web(Notebook only) HTML processing, web APIs
  • Topic 7: Tidying data Pandas, merge/join, tibbles and bits, melting and casting
  • Topic 8: Visualizing data and results
  • Topic 9: Relational data (SQL)
  • Topic 10: Intro to numerical computing
  • Topic 11: Ranking relational objects
  • Topic 12: Linear regression
  • Topic 13: Classification
  • Topic 14: Clustering
  • Topic 15: Compression
  • Topic 16: Putting it all together

Technology Requirements

Verify you meet the minimum technology requirements for this section.

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Course Info

Course ID: DL 002MM
Course Format: Online