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Applied Cybersecurity Concepts for Engineering, Design, and Construction Projects

  • Overview
  • Course Content
  • Requirements & Materials

Applied Cybersecurity Concepts for Engineering, Design, and Construction Projects

Course Description

This course provides hands-on application of cybersecurity concepts to construction engineering and design projects. You’ll learn to apply industry standard and governmental cybersecurity policy, process, procedures, and controls to construction projects while solving realistic design and implementation problems. The exercises will be accomplished by small groups, providing the types of role-based interaction that may involve you during all phases of engineering, design, and construction projects. The course will also provide an opportunity to discuss current and relevant policy and practice requirements with peers and instructors.

Course Content


  • Risks to construction projects
  • Quantifying and assessing risk
  • Integration of risk factors into design, implementation, and construction project management


  • Importance of capturing complexity
  • Thinking like the attacker
  • Attack tree assessment – tools, techniques, and thought processes


  • Development and documentation
  • Derivation of additional requirements
  • Incorporation of organizational and governmental into design-to requirements


  • Satisfying the requirements (functional and cybersecurity)
  • Standard practice
  • Cybersecurity specific


  • Peer review
  • Requirements-based review
  • Outside of the box cybersecurity review


  • Design changes
  • Non-technical requirements incorporation
  • Final Design presentation and critique
Requirements & Materials


  • Cybersecurity: Complex Systems Principles (forthcoming)

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Who Should Attend

This course is designed for project managers, architects, designers, and implementors who participate in government procured and managed construction projects.

What You Will Learn

  • Practical cybersecurity risk assessment approaches and application to construction projects
  • Tools and techniques for capturing the complexity of a project that includes a cybersecurity viewpoint
  • Tools and techniques for capturing the thought processes, threats, and threat vectors associated with an attacker
  • Problem solving techniques that integrate both given and derived cybersecurity requirements into design, review, and management solutions to construction problems and projects
  • Requirements derivation from higher level policy and standard practice for construction projects to be incorporated into the planning, design, implementation, and oversight of construction projects
  • Peer review techniques that can increase the cybersecurity posture of the final construction project deliverable
  • Current and common threats to construction and industrial type projects and capabilities
  • Individual role-based responsibilities for construction projects and the dependency upon other roles throughout the whole project lifecycle

How You Will Benefit

  • Gain familiarity with cybersecurity concepts and their applicability to construction projects.
  • Develop an understanding of roles and responsibilities with respect to cybersecurity requirements during the construction project lifecycle.
  • Learn to think like the attacker – capabilities and limitations.
  • Learn what the general and specific threats are to current and future infrastructures and capabilities delivered from construction projects.

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