Chief Engineer 2 Day Seminar: Applied Systems Thinking and Decision Making

Course Description

Learn advanced methods for problem formulation and research definition and how to apply them using a structured, logical approach to systems engineering management. This course emphasizes leadership and broad thinking with opportunities to practice iterative discovery process in the context of applied systems thinking.

Course ID: DEF 4517P
Course Format: Classroom

Contract Only Course

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Who Should Attend

Engineers, scientists and managers with several years of experience and a desire to better apply systems principles and decision making to their roles, and those who wish to learn how to properly frame their problem and identify potential courses of action for complex system challenges through an applied systems thinking approach

How You Will Benefit

  • Convert complex problems and ambiguous needs statements into well-defined elements that can be studied using analytical approaches.

  • Learn how to organize research and engineering efforts and allocate analytical resources effectively.

  • Apply the benefits of systems thinking and systems engineering to "real-world" problems.


  • Wicked problems introduction
  • Problem definition and formulation
  • Introduction to systems thinking
  • System thinking for personal leadership
  • Systems perspective
  • Developing the systems thinker
  • Systems thinking in practice

For Course-Related Questions

Please contact the course administrator: Carlee Bishop, Ph.D.