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SysML 8203- Reinforcement for Baseline MBSE/SysML

  • Overview
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SysML 8203- Reinforcement for Baseline MBSE/SysML

Course Description

This course reviews and reinforces both (a) the comprehension concepts, and (b) the model authoring hands-on skills that participants acquired in SysML 101 and SysML 201. Participants will reinforce how to implement essential concepts through hands-on sessions and exercises with a representative SysML tool. The skills are underscored by doing useful things with the resulting SysML models—not just building them for the sake of documentation. Table 2 shows the duration and contents for a typical SysML 8203 offering. The normal course length is 3 days. Note that we review selected key SysML 101/201 modules and hands-on tutorials as expected, but this time with a reinforcement emphasis (including interactive discussion and Q/A).

A key aspect of the course is additional content and discussion time regarding sponsor-oriented examples (SOE) and related applications. The normal SysML 101/201 classes utilize general-purpose examples (such as automotive systems) that practically any participant can understand and appreciate based on their everyday experiences (such as driving automobiles). Those examples provide a proven way to teach participants the fundamentals of SysML model concepts. Beyond that, the SOE 8203.5x items in the agenda show and discuss additional sponsor-oriented examples as presented via one or more additional existing SysML models that the instruction team selects from (based on Sponsor interest). We spread the SOE content throughout the SysML 8203 course, such that we cover each SOE segment right after participants have completed reinforcing the corresponding SysML topic. For example, for aviation-oriented Sponsors we typically utilize a UAV example and show UAV blocks/bdds right after reinforcing the Module 101.03 / Tutorial 201.03 block/bdd topic.

Requirements & Materials


  • Course notes, exercises, and sample models

What You Will Learn

  • Skills reinforcement acquired in SysML 101 and SysML 20

The course schedule was well-structured with a mix of lectures, class discussions, and hands-on exercises led by knowledgeable and engaging instructors.

- Abe Kani

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