PMASE students learn from top industry professionals—one of the reasons why Georgia Tech is a top engineering university.

Professionals and employers both can benefit from the PMASE program in these key ways:


Competitive Advantage

  • Earn a master’s degree from one of the top 5 engineering and research universities in the country.

  • Successfully compete in a global market with advanced systems engineering techniques and tools.

  • Develop valuable professional connections for yourself and your employer as you build your career.

Applied Practical Learning

  • Solve real-world problems through hands-on exercises, case studies and labs.

  • Apply practical knowledge, tools and technologies immediately at your organization.

  • Learn systems engineering methodologies that extend across an array of industries.

World-Class Faculty

  • Experience a supportive yet challenging education from top researchers at Georgia Tech and the Georgia Tech Research Institute.

  • Learn from highly skilled instructors known for producing technology solutions for complex systems.

  • Receive mentoring by faculty who are industry leaders and known for groundbreaking research results.

Convenient Format

  • Combine face-to-face instruction with distance learning and peer interaction in our hybrid format.

  • Participate in scheduled, live web-conferencing sessions with fellow students and GT faculty

  • Focus on one course at a time.