Systems engineers need to be able to manage complex problems that meet the needs of today's military and defense industry. Defense employers have identified a significant need for systems engineers and the Georgia Tech PMASE program meets that need with a core curriculum focused on developing the "systems thinking" approach, as well as a strong foundation in systems design, modeling, testing, and analysis.


Applying systems engineering concepts and tools in modern manufacturing facilities produces higher-quality products with optimal expenditure. The tools, techniques and standards that are taught in the PMASE program prepare engineers who work in manufacturing to develop systematic processes and controls for optimal results. The manufacturing environment is conducive to the "systems thinking" approach in all areas.


The logistics industry is dedicated to the process of purchasing, transporting, storing, distributing, and warehousing of materials and finished goods. Integrating systems engineering principles and tools provides value through improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Consumer Packaged Goods

The consumer packaged goods industry is growing at a rapid pace. Companies are focusing on better product and process engineering systems. Growth in the consumer packaged goods industry requires engineers to maximize asset utilization and optimize manufacturing processes to stay ahead of the competition.


Industrial engineering focuses on the optimization of complex systems, a core facet of the PMASE program and essential knowledge for successful systems engineers. Systems engineers are concerned with the development, implementation and evaluation of these systems. A PMASE degree will prepare these engineers to design complex systems, specify requirements, predict, and evaluate results.


Complex systems enable modern infrastructure, and the engineers supporting these systems can apply the concepts and tools learned in the PMASE program in their day to day operations. For example, techniques taught in the PMASE program can be used to develop and implement smart grid technology that manages energy usage in modern power systems. These systems require strict adherence to industry standards and sophisticated interoperability, making smart grid an ideal application for the knowledge you will acquire in the PMASE program.