Technology Requirements

Your Tools for Success

There are a few technology requirements to ensure success in the Professional Master's in Applied Systems Engineering program. All students should have:

A computer with the following components:

1) Form Factor: Notebook or laptop with a minimum of 2 hours of battery life.*
2) Processor: Dual core or Quad core: 2.0 GHz 64-bit, or better.**
3) Memory: 4GB or more. For best performance, we recommended that you install as much memory as affordable.
4) Primary Hard Drive: 250 GB or larger hard drive.
5) External Hard Drive: Double the size of the internal hard drive. (optional)
6) Networking: Wireless 802.11n capable.
7) Accessories (optional): DVD writer, USB flash drive, Ethernet cable, and laptop anti-theft cable lock. Webcams may also be useful for some applications.
8) Warranty: Extended warranties (three years, in general) are highly recommended.
9) A PC microphone or phone in order to participate in WebEx conferences online.

*Note that most netbooks and tablets (e.g. Apple iPad, Galaxy Tab and others that run on an operating system designed specifically for the device) do NOT meet the minimum hardware requirements above. While they may initially provide sufficient performance for basic tasks such as web browsing or simple word processing, use of technical software in courses may not be possible.

**The use of VLab (a Virtual Lab that provides GT students a way to access 'virtual machines' on campus and use software such as MATLAB and AutoCAD from any computer with Internet access) does not diminish these requirements. Your system will still need to independently support the required software.