Professional Master's Degree in Occupational Safety and Health

People depend on you to keep their workplaces safe—so when it’s time to earn your master’s degree, you shouldn’t have to leave your job to do it. 

The Professional Master’s in Occupational Safety and Health (PMOSH) is launching a new class of leaders into high-level OSH positions. It's your opportunity to elevate your career with a top-notch education from a prestigious university—all in just two years.

Put Your Career in Expert Mode:

  • Work while you learn. With a flexible online format and three brief on-campus sessions, this two-year program is designed to accommodate the working professional.
  • Focus on real-world results. As you progress through the 10 courses, you will master OSH fundamentals and standards, technology and communication, and high-level business concepts. Together, these areas of knowledge prepare you to manage complex safety and health programs, from deploying relevant action plans and to optimize their performance.
  • Earn a credential that commands attention. Learn from industry professionals and get in-depth training from three elite Georgia Tech divisions: School of Building Construction, Enterprise Innovation Institute and Georgia Tech Professional Education.
  • Apply your new skills immediately. Show you’ve mastered the material with a collaborative capstone experience that brings together everything you’ve learned over the two-year program.

Continue your success story, learn how to apply here.