Degree Requirements

The degree requires 15 hours of core coursework on big data analytics in business, visual analytics, computing, statistics and operations research essentials. An additional 15 hours of electives provide students with the flexibility to focus on specific areas of interest within the analytics discipline and are selected from one of three tracks: 

  • Analytical Tools - The Analytical Tools track focuses on the quantitative methodology: how to select, build, solve and analyze models using methodology, regression, forecasting, data mining, machine learning, optimization, stochastics and simulation.
  • Business Analytics - The Business Analytics track explores the understanding, framing, and solution of problems in marketing, operations, finance, management of information technology, human resources, and accounting in order to develop and execute analytics projects within businesses.
  • Computational Data Analytics - The Computational Data Analytics track explores a deeper understanding of big data—including how to acquire, preprocess, store, manage, analyze, and visualize large datasets. 

Six-Hour Practicum

As with students in the on-campus Master of Science in Analytics program, online learners will complete a six credit hour applied analytics practicum with an outside company. The practicum provides real-world analytics experience and is usually remote. Students may either propose an internship-like practicum or pursue a pre-selected project.