Fundamentals Concepts for Energy Management

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This optional pre-course for ENER 3101P - Certified Practitioner in Energy Management Systems will help students acquire the basic knowledge required for the Certified Practitioner in Energy Management Systems (CP EnMS) Training.  Many of these topics are not covered in the four-day CP EnMS course but the CP EnMS is expected to have this basic background knowledge and the certification exam will cover some of these topics.

Basic Energy for EnMS Auditors (4 hours): Provides basic information on energy management intended for MS auditors who do not have a background in energy management.
If you have previously completed the Basic Energy for EnMS Auditors course, you will not be required to complete this course again in order to earn CEUs for this course. Please email with the approximate date you completed the Basic Energy course, and credit will be given.

Introduction to Statistics for CP EnMS (1 hour): Provides overview of the basic statistical tools used for energy management.

Operating Characteristics of Energy Systems (7 hours): Whether this material is a review or new material, this course is a great way to further prepare to take the Certified Practitioner for Energy Management Systems exam, which is administered by the Institute for Energy Management Professionals (IEnMP).

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Who Should Attend

Energy auditors who need basic energy knowledge will learn the operating characteristics of energy systems and the mathematical operations associated with energy calculations


Basic Energy for EnMS Auditors

  • Describe Energy Fundamentals
  • Describe typical energy billing concepts
  • Recognize the impact of variables on energy consumption
  • Understand system optimization

Introduction to Statistics for CPEnMS

  • Recognize which equations are required by SEP as well as M&V protocol.
  • Identify the relationship between pieces and the system.
  • Identify independent linear variables, tests for linearity, significance and p-value, and regression analyses.

Operating Characteristics of Energy Systems

  • Identify the operating characteristics of key energy systems such as compressed air, process heating, steam systems, pumping systems, fan systems, HVAC systems, process cooling systems, combined heat & power and lighting.
  • Recognize the criteria for effective operation & maintenance of a process
  • Identify opportunities for improved efficiency.
  • Determine and develop criteria for the effective operation and maintenance of significant energy uses that supports energy performance improvement
  • Establish a system for the organization to monitor and measure outputs of the energy review, significant energy uses, relationship between significant energy use and consumption, relevant variables, EnPIs, and the effectiveness of action plans in achieving objectives and targets.

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