Logistics Education And Pathways: Customer Service Operations

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Logistics Education And Pathways: Customer Service Operations

Course Description

This course prepares students in the basics of customer service operations and the role of customer service within an organization’s overall supply chain. The course includes presentations of the key elements of customer service including: the order management process, customer relationship management, management of challenging customers, effective customer communications, returns and reverse logistics, and performance metrics.

Courses in this series (LOG 3500P, 3501P, 3502P, and 3503P) were made possible by a generous grant from JPMorgan Chase & Co. Development of materials used in these courses were funded by a $24.5M TAACCCT grant awarded by the U.S Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration to the LINCS in Supply Chain Management Consortium.

If you are interested in having the tuition waived for this course, please see the Special Discount section below for application details. 

Course Content
  • Unit 1 – Supply Chain Concepts
  • Unit 2 – Supply Chain Technology
  • Unit 3 – Managing Customer Relationships
  • Unit 4 – The Order Process
  • Unit 5 - Returns and Reverse Logistics
  • Unit 6 – Customer Relationship Management
  • Unit 7 – Challenging Customers
  • Unit 8 – Communication in Customer Service
  • Unit 9 – Legal and Regulatory Concerns
Requirements & Materials

Important Information

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  • Computer with speakers to access online content


  • Access to online course content and optional reading materials until the course end date

Session Details

Who Should Attend

This program is currently open to and tuition-free for 16-24 year-old residents of Fulton, DeKalb, Clayton, Cobb, Gwinnett, Coweta, Douglas, Fayette, Henry, counties or active duty/veterans who will be moving to one of these counties. Residents of Newton, Walton, Jasper, Morgan and Rockdale who are accepted will be in the Summer/Fall 2017 pilot program which is limited to the first 100 qualified applicants. The age requirement is waived for the first 100 accepted into the Newton, Walton, Jasper, Morgan and Rockdale Summer/Fall 2017 pilot program. Active duty service members interested in participating in the LEAP courses as part of the VET2 program should contact James.Wilburn@pe.gatech.edu.

How You Will Benefit

  • Define supply chain management
  • Explain how supply chains should support organizations’ strategic goals
  • Recall the supply chain frameworks that integrate supply chain and financial goals
  • Acquire knowledge of the overall order management cycle and process
  • Understand the impact of effective customer service, especially in issue resolution
  • Understand the key aspects of, and employee responsibilities in, the customer returns process
  • Understand the key metrics used in customer returns functions
  • Understand the key concepts and practices in customer relationship management
  • Recognize how service performances are measured
  • Identify key steps in the customer life cycle
  • Know how to identify, appreciate, and relate to challenging customers in typical business settings through great customer service and understand why customers become challenging
  • Know how to manage challenging customers
  • Identify and describe various communication methods and their characteristics
  • Recognize the key barriers to effective communication and how to overcome them
  • Recognize regulatory concerns in customer service operations


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