Pre-Post course for LOG 5003P: Systems Operations and Strategic Interactions in Supply Chains

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Pre-Post course for LOG 5003P: Systems Operations and Strategic Interactions in Supply Chains

Course Description

Despite having common goals, often the lack of cooperation and coordination between organizations or stakeholders active in public health and humanitarian relief lead to inefficiencies. A systems view is needed to ensure appropriate use of scarce resources to meet the multiple, and often conflicting, short- and long-term goals from multiple constituents. This course will focus on conceptual and modeling skills to understand and effectively manage healthcare delivery and humanitarian response from a systems perspective. Models will address system characteristics (e.g. demand dependencies) that drive system dynamics and policies to regulate performance. Course topics include methods for improving coordination and collaboration, addressing demand dependencies, and reliably measuring and evaluating system performance.

Course Content


  • Introduction to collaboration and coordination methods
  • Game theory



  • Performance measurement
Requirements & Materials

Important Information

This is a required course for another course and cannot be purchased from this page.

Session Details

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for tactical and strategic members of nongovernmental organizations; private corporations involved in humanitarian response or healthcare delivery; members of other health and humanitarian organizations; local, state, or federal government employees; foreign government or public health officials; representatives of foundations that support health and humanitarian related efforts; and military personnel.

Health and humanitarian professionals learning within classroom

What You Will Learn

  • How to improve coordination and collaboration
  • Demand dependencies
  • Inventory variability, costs mitigation, and reduction
Humanitarian aid administrating vaccine

How You Will Benefit

  • Identify opportunities for coordination within organizations and collaboration across organizations for increased efficiency and improved outcomes.
  • Describe the strategic behavior of decision makers and the impact of the market (or contract) structure on the participants' actions and the overall system dynamics.
  • Define evaluation metrics in alignment with the system goals and structure system operations and incentives that address and evaluate these metrics.
  • Discover current trends and procedures that will place your organization and team members ahead of the curve.
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    Taught by Experts in the Field
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I am really impressed with the scope of subjects covered and the practical case studies in diverse sectors from health, education, and other public sector projects.

- Kenny Onasanya
Team Lead


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