Material Handling 101: Fundamentals, Analysis and Selection

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Material Handling 101: Fundamentals, Analysis and Selection

Course Description

This course provides an introduction to the field of material handling, including systems analysis, equipment selection, and the relationship of material handling to other activities and operations of the industrial plant or warehouse. It is also an excellent refresher course for those who want an update on the latest trends. You will learn how to plan and analyze material-handling systems, how to improve material-handling operations, and when to apply material-handling automation. You will review case examples and participate in a guided exercise to ensure your mastery of the techniques presented. Those who are seeking cost reductions through better handling methods or those who must replace, upgrade, or add material-handling equipment will find this course particularly helpful.

Course Content


  • The definition and objectives of material handling
  • Basic principles and economics of material handling
  • Classifications of Material Handling Equipment
  • How to understand the categories of handling equipment
  • How to understand the types of handling systems


  • Systemic Handling Analysis (SHA) – an organized approach
  • Key information for systematic analysis
  • Practical ways to visualize and analyze material movements
  • Guided Application in Material Handling Analysis
  • Use data on material movements to develop a material handling plan


  • How to identify preferred handling methods and equipment for different classes of materials and for each move in a facility


  • How to use your material handling plan to validate your concepts; find real products that could help you implement it.
  • How to map actual material handling products to a wide range of movement situations: high-volume; low volume; conveyable, not conveyable; short-distance; long-distance; between workplaces; within the workplace, etc.


  • Cost Justification and comparison
  • Evaluation and selection of plans and equipment


  • Ways to attack material handling problems
  • Checklists and surveys
  • Work sampling, time standards, and measurement of material handling labor

Session Details

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Who Should Attend

This course is designed for material-handling and logistics engineers, manufacturing and process engineers, industrial engineers and systems analysts, production supervisors and team leaders, warehouse supervisors and team leaders, and cell-planning and lean manufacturing teams.

Supply chain and logistics professionals learning in classroom

What You Will Learn

  • Fundamental material handling principles and concepts
  • Classifications of material handling equipment
  • Systematic Handling Analysis (SHA)
  • Material handling evaluations, selections, and continuous improvements
Supply chain professionals collaborating in warehouse

How You Will Benefit

  • Reduce material-handling costs.
  • Improve the planning and performance of material-handling systems.
  • Understand how and when to apply material-handling automation.
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I am really impressed with the scope of subjects covered and the practical case studies in diverse sectors from health, education, and other public sector projects.

- Kenny Onasanya
Team Lead


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