Superior Energy Performance (SEP) Performance Verifier Training

Course Description

This course will prepare you to become a SEP - Performance Verifier. Energy efficiency professionals will learn how to apply energy efficiency engineering and statistics to the functions of a performance verifier to consistently and fairly assess plant energy performance improvement.

Course ID: ENER 3107P
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  • CPEnMS Certification

Who Should Attend

ISO 50001 Energy Lead Auditors and Certified Practitioners for Energy Management

How You Will Benefit

  • Review the framework of ISO 50001 and Superior Energy Performance
  • Describe the SEP certification process for a manufacturing facility
  • Recognize the role, requirements and qualifications for the Performance Verifier within the SEP certification process
  • Compare the role of SEP Performance Verifier with the roles of other energy professionals such as CPEnMS and ISO 50001 Auditor
  • Apply energy efficiency statistical tools and models such as Adjusted Consumption, Forecast, Backcast, Standard Conditions, Linear Regression, Ratio, GA Tech Model Tool, Complex Regression, and Nonlinear model
  • Define SEnPI’s, and differentiate between SEnPI’s and EnPI’s (ISO 50001)
  • Describe the Energy Performance Improvements Requirements of SEP
  • Perform calculations for a facility; as a participating unit, totaling facility subsets and Energy Sources
  • Identify appropriate timelines for baseline and reporting period
  • Determine the validity of data generated from modeling
  • Practice verifying energy savings
  • Convert derived energy sources to primary energy
  • Calculate energy consumption while accounting for pass-through sources, feedstocks, inventory, onsite production of electricity and other derived energy sources
  • Identify calibration requirements for SEP
  • Perform a bottom up sanity check
  • Apply the mature energy pathway
  • Use adjustment models to determine Energy Performance Improvement Relative to Baseline


  • Superior Energy Performance (SEP)
  • ISO 50001
  • ISO 17021 and ISO 500028
  • Auditing
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Energy Consumption, Energy Use, Energy Performance Improvement
  • CPEnMS


Additional Resources

The SEP Performance Verifier exam is administered by IEnMP. In order to take this exam, you must fill out an application and register with IEnMP. Please contact the Operations Manager via email at to inquire about scheduling and taking this exam. For more information see the IEnMP website, 

For Course-Related Questions

Please contact the course administrator: Carol Aton