Learning for a Lifetime

2019 Professional Education Impact Report
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High-Quality Programs

An essential part of our mission is to deliver high-quality, in-demand programs to advance careers and address workforce needs. We have a long history of supplying programs that meet market needs and are designed to directly address industry skill and knowledge gaps, while providing working professionals with practical, readily applicable solutions.

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Learner Experiences and Services

From flexible learning options to personalized online environments, we strive to meet the demands and needs of our learners in a rapidly changing world. By continuously improving all aspects of learners' interactions and experiences, we can provide programs designed to meet industry need while providing a global destination for lifelong learning.

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State and Community Support

From nearly all counties in Georgia, you can find our lifetime learner community. Through our cutting-edge research, programs, and partnerships, we have devised educational solutions beyond the classroom to support the state of Georgia and provide the industry expertise to grow its current and future workforce.

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Lifetime Education and Innovation

The American workforce is in flux like never before, from rapidly advancing technology, to longer lives and longer careers. As a result, universities are under pressure to supply its learners with new skills and competencies to keep pace with the career realities. At Georgia Tech, we are leveraging our roots in technological innovation to meet this challenge.

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Excellence and Efficiency

Streamlining operations, maximizing our resources, and delivering robust services to our stakeholders is a constant focus. Each year we seek to create and implement strategies that empower teamwork, facilitate continuous improvement, and support our long-term growth as the central figure in the Institute’s Commitment to Lifetime Education.

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GTPE Employees

As the lifelong learning arm of the Institute, we take intellectual curiosity seriously. Our organization, teams, individuals, and processes are essential in sustaining innovation while upholding our mission and values. From institutional leadership to industry awards, our employees pursued initiatives that adopted, created, and promoted innovation in 2019.

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Letter from the Dean

Nelson Baker, dean of professional educationAs another year goes by, we look back on a year of progress and accomplishments. 

The lifetime learner population at Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE) continues to grow. At 42,000 per year, these learners now make up half the total Georgia Tech student population. In the 2019 fiscal year, we’ve delivered professional development programs to more than 28,000 learners worldwide as well as online degree programs to more than 14,000 graduate and undergraduate students. Total enrollment of our online master of science degrees grew to more than 12,000, an increase of 39% over last year. In addition, GTPE has served nearly 2,600 companies with public and sponsored professional development programs during the fiscal year, and we continue to build valuable new partnerships as we move into 2020.  

As the academic division at Georgia Tech that serves the fastest-growing learner demographic in higher education, GTPE is in an ideal position to support the Institute as it redefines education for a new era. Our connection to the business community and its workforce enables us to serve as the intersection between the Institute and industry. This position allows us to reach valuable insights for strategic benefit while serving the lifetime education needs of all citizens.   

This year, since being honored to serve as their President, GTPE has played a lead role in the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA), the leading association for those in our field. Also, our Affordable Degrees-at-Scale Symposium has become a “must-attend” event for professional and continuing education colleagues from universities all over the country.

The GTPE 2019 Impact Report highlights some achievements from this year and gives you a snapshot of the varied activities we pursue throughout the year as we work toward our ultimate goal: to define lifetime education of the 21st century.   


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Nelson C. Baker, Ph.D. 
Dean, Professional Education 
Georgia Institute of Technology