Learner Experiences and Services

Support a lifelong journey of learning

From flexible learning options to personalized online environments, we strive to meet the demands and needs of our learners in a rapidly changing world. By continuously improving all aspects of learners' interactions and experiences, we can provide programs designed to meet industry need while providing a global destination for lifelong learning.

Learner-Centered Service

From recruitment to graduation, the academic programs team provides meaningful virtual support to nearly 5,000 degree-seeking learners each year. In FY19, the team provided timely and personalized support to over 56,000 prospective and current learner inquiries via phone and email. In addition, online information sessions were held for 6,720 prospective learners across the online Master of Science and professional master’s programs and 700 proctored exams were administered as part of the Summer Online Undergraduate Program (SOUP).

Job Market Preparedness

In February, we partnered with the Graduate Student Government Association as the venue and lead sponsor for the Career, Research, and Innovation Development Conference (CRIDC). Designed to equip graduate students with tools and knowledge to thrive in an ever-changing job market, the conference featured a career panel, “The Workforce of the Future,” which was streamed online and moderated by Yakut Gazi, associate dean of learning systems.

SmartMeasure Learning Readiness Indicator

The Learning Systems Team launched The SmartMeasure Learning Readiness Indicator this year as a free web-assessment tool to measure non-cognitive indicators of success in online learning. This assessment helps learners understand how to best prepare for the online learning environment.

Professional Program Support

The education logistics team collaborates with GTRI and stakeholders across Georgia Tech’s academic units to bring our professional programs to life. In FY19, the team supported nearly 900 public and contract course offerings, 63 program certificates, and 83 MOOCs. Additionally, the team established a new program intake process, formed industry-specific partnerships, and performed a market analysis to identify the viability of hosting additional courses in the online environment.

Registration Guidance

The professional education registration team manages registration for public and custom courses, provides guidance to students who qualify for funding for specific programs, and addresses any questions that current or prospective learners may have when they sign up for our programs. In FY19, the team completed an estimated 26,000 email transactions, 5,000 phone transactions, and reviewed and monitored 30,000 registrations and payments — an overall increase of 20% from the prior year.

GTPE Digital Strategy Team

As the first division to articulate a learner-focused digital strategy and align our resources accordingly, we are pioneers at Georgia Tech. A Digital Strategy team was established to enable GTPE to better support our investment in key platforms and strategies to increase engagement along the customer journey and create workflow efficiencies for staff. Additional digital Initiatives this year included customer relationship management (CRM) development, marketing automation, the GTPE web experience, and a new Voice of the Learner program.

Strengthening Brand Awareness

The Global Learning Center is the home to GTPE and facility for corporate meetings, conferences, and events. Since thousands of guests enter the building annually, we saw it as an opportunity to tell the story of lifetime learning in a tangible way. This summer, 32 branded posters were installed throughout the building as part of an environmental branding initiative. From statistics about lifetime learning to learner testimonials, the new artwork reinforces our commitment to innovative educational delivery. 

Connected Content Strategy

The first phase of a unified, brand-level content strategy was implemented to support the awareness and consideration phases of GTPE's learner journeys. A key component of the approach was to use our blog as the central hub for showcasing individuals and industry leaders who are using lifelong learning to transform their careers and inspire change in their industries. The strategy earned a Circle of Excellence Award in Strategic Communications from the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE).

GTPE by the Numbers

More than 42,000 learners turned to us in 2019 to sharpen their skills, acquire new knowledge, and earn high-demand credentials to advance their careers.