GTPE Employees

Build a deliberately innovative culture within GTPE

As the lifelong learning arm of the Institute, we take intellectual curiosity seriously. Our organization, teams, individuals, and processes are essential in sustaining innovation while upholding our mission and values. From institutional leadership to industry awards, our employees pursued initiatives that adopted, created, and promoted innovation in 2019.

Food Pantry Support

As Georgia Tech’s first food pantry, Klemis Kitchen serves as an alternate meal plan for students who have certain dietary needs and financial concerns. Its success depends on generous donations from campus to support students who are experiencing food insecurity. As “May Angels” for Klemis Kitchen, our outreach team organized donations from the unit consisting of eight boxes of food, toiletries, and pantry items as well as nearly $300 in cash donations and gift cards.

Transformative Narratives

The stories of several GTPE employees, who took part in Georgia Tech’s Diversity and Inclusion Storytelling Initiative, are featured in the Institute’s Transformative Narratives collection, a curated collection of visual, oral, and written personal stories. The initiative is led by Georgia Tech’s Staff Diversity, Inclusion, and Engagement team. Featured stories include Lindsey Laney, academic program manager, Rolanda Powell, marketing manager, and Cheryl Rankin, director of financial admin II.

Lifetime Learners and Industry Leaders

In addition to serving lifetime learners, GTPE staff are lifetime learners themselves. They pursue learning opportunities throughout the year and seek ways to contribute to the Georgia Tech community. Here are some accomplishments from the last year.

Global Design Awards

Bobby Strickland, senior graphic designer, was selected for two international design awards for his design work on print pieces for Georgia Tech’s Ethics Week as part of the Indigo Award competition. The judges, who represented industry-leading firms, handpicked the entrants from nearly 50 countries. Bobby, one of only a handful of U.S. winners, received his bronze Indigo Design Awards for Logo Design and for Promotional Materials at a ceremony held in May at the Museo Picasso in Malaga, Spain. 

GTPE by the Numbers

More than 42,000 learners turned to us in 2019 to sharpen their skills, acquire new knowledge, and earn high-demand credentials to advance their careers.