Infrared & Electro-Optical Technology Certificate

Go beyond books to learn what works, what doesn’t, and what needs improvement from technical experts working in the infrared and electro-optical technology field. Discover the latest cutting-edge technology from those designing it.

How You Will Benefit


  • Gain the technical confidence to understand debated issues
  • Immediately apply course knowledge on your jobs
  • Establish industry and government contacts
  • Gain access to your instructors’ technical expertise throughout your career
  • Enhance your career path
  • Earn recognized industry credentials


  • Expand your industry and government contacts
  • Give your employees needed credentials to improve your corporate resume
  • Certify your staff has the necessary training it needs to complete projects
  • Provide your employees with the latest, cutting-edge training that can make an immediate impact

Who Should Participate

  • Aerospace engineers—those that build these systems: targeting (surveillance, target acquisition, fire control) and survivability suites (warning, jammers, decoys, and stealth)
  • Government procurement engineers
  • Government intelligence analysts
  • Military officers—Navy captains, colonels, majors, captains, and lieutenants
  • Chief engineers
  • Directors of engineering
  • Program managers
  • Engineers
  • Marketing staff
  • Applications engineers

Delivery Method


Certificate Requirements

  • Effective January 2015, courses can only be applied to one certificate. If a core course for a certificate has already been applied to a previously-awarded certificate, then an additional elective must be taken.
  • Certificates must be completed within 6 years; courses completed more than 6 years ago may not be applied toward certificate.
  • All courses applied to a certificate program must be taken from Georgia Tech.

Special Note: DEF 3002P or DEF 3010P may be used as an elective, but not both