Antenna Engineering

Course Description

Explore the theory and practice of antenna engineering, including a range of popular antenna types, applications and electromagnetic properties from basic to state-of-the-art. Study a wide spectrum of frequencies from 300 kHz to 550 GHz, with primary emphasis in the MF, HF, VHF, UHF and microwave regions. Examine communications, radar, commercial and military applications. Discuss related topics, such as radomes, antenna materials, computer modeling of antennas, antenna noise and antenna measurement techniques.

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Who Should Attend

Engineers, scientists, engineering managers and practicing antenna technicians

How You Will Benefit

  • Master the definitions of radiation, gain, directivity, efficiency, effective area, pattern, impedance, antenna noise temperature and polarization of antennas for wireless communications
  • Learn the Friis Transmission Equation
  • Understand the operation of a wide range of popular antenna types
  • Carry out an initial design of a wide range of antenna types


  • Fundamentals of Antennas
  • Antenna Polarization
  • Transmission Lines
  • Gain, Efficiency and Matching
  • Dipole and Monopole Antennas
  • Loop Antennas
  • Slot Antennas
  • Microstrip Antennas
  • Portable (Small) Antennas
  • Antenna Computer Modeling
  • Antenna Optimization
  • Vehicle Mounted Antennas
  • MF and HF Antennas
  • VHF and UHF Antennas
  • Yagi-Uda Antennas
  • Axial Mode Helical Antennas
  • Spiral Antennas
  • Log-Periodic Dipole Arrays
  • Antenna Materials and Lens Antennas
  • Horn Antennas
  • Reflector Antennas
  • Radomes
  • Low Noise Antennas
  • Antenna Measurement Techniques
  • Phased Array Theory
  • Phased Array Technology
  • Radar Antennas



  • Antenna Engineering Handbook (McGraw Hill)

For Course-Related Questions

Please contact the course administrator: Ed Joy, Ph.D.