Basic Antenna Concepts

Course Description

Understand the fundamental properties, operations, utilizations and applications of antennas. Focus on intuitive physical explanations and laboratory demonstrations. When equations are used, they are not derived. Instead, the significance of each will be explained. All terms will be clearly defined, and examples will be given to illustrate how they are used.

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Who Should Attend

Non-antenna specialists and anyone needing to understand antenna basics

How You Will Benefit

  • Gain a working knowledge of what antennas do.
  • Learn to construct a basic antenna.
  • Examine how antennas work.
  • Master measuring antenna patterns.
  • Know when to use what type of antennas.
  • Understand how the environment impacts antenna performance.
  • Learn what to consider when choosing antennas for a specific application.
  • Learn the mathematical and physics principles needed for antenna courses.
  • Discover how to use computer simulation to analyze various types of antennas.
  • Laboratory sessions provide practical experience and reinforce lecture information.


  • Antenna definitions

  • Low-gain antennas

  • Medium-gain antennas

  • Antenna construction lab

  • Transmission lines

  • Reflector antennas

  • Array antennas

  • Fundamentals of propagation

  • Modeling and simulation of antennas

  • Antenna hardware examples

  • Basic antenna measurements

  • Antenna measurements lab

  • Rules, regulations and governance

  • Radiation hazards and considerations

  • Antenna applications

  • Polarization demonstration

  • Basic antenna principles



  • Software used in lectures and labs

For Course-Related Questions

Please contact the course administrator: Glenn Hopkins