Basic RF Electronic Warfare Concepts

Course Description

Understand principles of operation of radar-controlled weapon systems and electronic warfare systems designed to counter them, as well as the test and evaluation of these systems. Explore several types of weapon systems in medium-level detail. First master the basic of electromagnetic waves and radar cross section. Then learn the principles of operation for search and tracking radar systems, ratio frequency electronic countermeasures systems and radio frequency electronic support measures. Explore the implications of data links and networks on the implementation of electronic countermeasures. Gain insight into the technical challenges associated with multi-sensor tracking networks. Explore the application of electronic warfare concepts to naval surface warfare.

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Who Should Attend

Engineers and managers

How You Will Benefit

  • Explore the basic concepts of electromagnetic field theory.

  • Master the basics of radar cross section, including its generation and reduction.

  • Examine how search radars function.

  • Learn how tracking radars function.

  • Discover how search and tracking radars are used in weapon systems.

  • Learn how the same basic functions are applied in different weapon systems.

  • Examine the functional susceptibilities of weapon systems to electronic warfare.

  • Explore the basics of on-board electric support systems and techniques and both on-board and off-board electronic attack systems and techniques.

  • Explore concepts of multi-sensor target tracking.

  • Examine the application of net-centric concepts to electronic warfare.

  • Explore the application of electronic warfare concepts to naval surface warfare.


  • Electronic warfare overview

  • Weapon systems

  • Electromagnetic review

  • Radar cross section

  • Search radars

  • Tracking radars

  • Electronic support measures basics

  • Electromagnetic countermeasures basics

  • Off-board self protection electromagnetic countermeasures

  • Net-centric electronic warfare concepts

  • Analysis using the radar range equation

  • Surface electronic warfare



  • Textbook: EW 101, Artech House
  • Course notebook

For Course-Related Questions

Please contact the course administrator: Steve Barton