Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure

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Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure

Course Description

The Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure course provides a fundamental understanding of cybersecurity principles applied to industrial sectors considered to be critical infrastructure. This course provides a brief review of cybersecurity principles and control system technologies, describes critical infrastructure in various sectors, and introduces Industry 4.0. Real world examples are provided to present cyber threats and discuss methods of detection and defense. Demonstrations help reinforce some of the basic concepts presented in the lectures.

Requirements & Materials



  • DEF 4513P: Cybersecurity: A Systems Approach


Required (student must provide):

  • Computer (personal or work device with internet connectivity)
  • Internet connection

Provided (student will receive)

  • Downloadable course materials (slide decks, lab guides, student handouts) available on Canvas

Session Details

Who Should Attend

This course is desgined for professionals responsibe for managing and operating operational technology (OT) assets in various industrial sectors.

Computer science students coding on computers

What You Will Learn

  • Technologies and concepts associated with currently deployed networked control systems of Industry 3.0
  • Technologies and concepts associated with Industry 4.0
  • Cybersecurity principles relevant to critical infrastructure
  • Attack surface and defensive strategies for critical infrastructure
Cyber security professional working in data security center

How You Will Benefit

  • Understand cybersecurity principles relevant to critical infrastructure.
  • Learn how to define the attack surface in various industry sectors.
  • Learn defensive strategies for critical infrastructure.
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