Effect to Cause Problem Solving

Course Description

This course is provides the student with critical skills often associated with reverse engineering and failure modes effects analysis: the ability to quickly get to the heart of what is causing a process or system to behave in an undesirable fashion. This course will teach the student a unique and systematic process for problem solving that leverages an “Effect to Cause” approach to quickly hone in on the root cause(s) of complex and chronic technical issues. This course is designed to give the students all the pertinent information making them ready to ready to apply the methods to actual problems, in just 3 days. Students will learn to: identify source of the problem, understand the failure, determine output response and verify measurement system, quickly converge to a dominant root cause, confirm the convicted dominant cause, and to quantify the contribution to the issue.

This class assumes no prerequisite training on the subject. It is intended for anyone that is wants to learn a disciplined approach to quickly identify the driving causes of complex technical issues. Class candidates include engineers and quality personnel currently working in low to high volume manufacturing operations. Business owners and managers interested in provided their teams with more powerful tools for resolving issues. Engineering students that want to acquire a competitive advantage heading into the real world.

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Who Should Attend

Engineers and quality managers, business owners and engineering students

How You Will Benefit

  • Develop skills to quickly determine the dominant cause driving the difference in performance when designs do not perform as intended.
  • Learn to solve problems quicker, using fewer samples, and with less interruption to production.
  • Become a more competent problem solver, ready to apply the methods to actual problems, in just 3 days.


  • Topics
  • Introduction to Problem Solving, Problem & Project Statements
  • Core Tools, and Family of Variation
  • Product Response Study
  • Wilcoxon Paired, Tukey Rank Order
  • Confirmation Testing, Summary, Questions
  • Case Studies and Test

For Course-Related Questions

Please contact the course administrator: Jack Zentner, Ph.D.