Integrated Grounding System Design and Testing

Course Description

Get comprehensive coverage of grounding system design procedures for safety and lightning shielding. Start with a simplified coverage of the basic principles in grounding design, followed by a step-by-step design procedure.

Explore soil characterization, including soil testing methods, data interpretation and a workshop. Discuss modeling requirements and data preparation procedures for substation ground system design and lightning shielding. Discuss practical examples and see demonstrations of design procedures with three examples of realistic systems — (a) a generation substation, (b) a transmission substation, (c) a distribution substation.

Investigate options for controlling ground potential rise, touch and step voltages. Quantify the influence of grounding systems on nearby pipes, fences and buildings with the use of the WinIGS program. Discuss design procedures to limit transfer voltages to safe levels. Design the lightning shielding system for these substations to minimize the risk from lightning overvoltages.

Course ID: ELEC 3500P
Course Format: Classroom

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Who Should Attend

Electric power utility engineers involved in substation design, testing and design of grounding systems and engineers engaged in the design and testing of power systems for commercial and industrial installations

How You Will Benefit

  • Explore fundamental principles of grounding system design, the IEEE Std. 80, IEC-479-1, analysis and design for special points of danger, industry practices in substation ground system design, electromagnetic interference, substation lightning shielding methods and ground testing methods.

  • Examine course examples that enhance the understanding of the phenomena that determine safety near electrical installations, shielding of electrical installations and Hi-F grounding.

  • See design procedures with three examples of realistic systems in action demonstrations using visualizations with the Integrated Grounding System Design (WinIGS) program and the Smart Ground Multimeter software (WinSGM).


  • Grounding system design principles

  • System modeling for grounding design

  • Ground design for lightning

  • Grounding system performance

  • Ground mat design for safety

  • Ground impedance measurements

  • IEEE Std. 80 design procedure

  • Integrated grounding system design

  • Grounding system testing and evaluation

  • Soil characterization

  • Substation lightning shielding

  • Demonstration and workshop



  • SGM Operating Manual


  • Power System Grounding and Transients by A. P. "Sakis" Meliopoulos, second printing (Marcel Dekker Inc., 1988) - Purchase during online registration
  • IEEE Std. 80, IEEE Guide for Safety in AC Substation Grounding, 2000 edition - Purchase directly from IEEE
  • IEEE Std. 81, IEEE Guide for Measuring Earth Resistivity, Ground Impedance and Earth Surface Potentials of a Ground System - Purchase directly from IEEE

For Course-Related Questions

Please contact the course administrator: A.P. "Sakis" Meliopoulos, Ph.D.