Radar Systems Engineering

Course Description

Gain the ability to perform systems engineering functions for each required mission, mode of operations, subsystem and interface composing a modern radar system. This course will explain the process of analyzing your mission requirements and flowing down and allocating requirements to specific radar subsystems. The course also will address capability-based architecture development where system constructs are derived from existing software and hardware implementations. Gain insight on assessing third party radars from the systems engineering perspective such as required in competitive assessments or intelligence analysis.


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Who Should Attend

Technical managers, system engineers, architects, radar algorithms developers and hardware and software managers tasked to implement a real-time radar program that has numerous algorithms and external system interfaces

How You Will Benefit

  • Create system designs using proven radar system engineering principals anchored on key technical parameters.

  • Develop requirements and constraints to meet user needs as well as identify, avoid and manage risks.

  • Develop an open and sustainable architecture that adheres to defined mission(s) requirements for front-end hard real-time components, back-end soft real-time components, and modeling and simulation techniques.


  • Introduction to radar system engineering

  • System design

  • System analysis

  • Trade studies

  • Prototyping

  • Requirement analysis

  • Requirement definition and allocation

  • Subsystem definition

  • System engineering processes and tools

  • Model and simulation

For Course-Related Questions

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