Supply Chain Project Management: Effectively Managing Transformation Projects

Course Description

Complex supply chain transformation requires managing resources from many different departments, ensuring internal and external stakeholder alignment, mitigating large amounts of risk, and implementing communication, risk mitigation, and change management plans to ensure a successful project. Successful project management in complex supply chain environments requires application of well-planned integrated approaches. This course conveys an integrated view to supply chain transformation incorporating elements of change management, test plan development, project management techniques, and establishing effective project management teams.

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How You Will Benefit

  • Understand the common types of supply chain transformation projects
  • Understand the barriers to cross-organizational alignment and how to overcome them
  • Build and execute a change management strategy
  • Develop and implement and effective communications plan
  • Understand the importance of executive alignment to project success
  • Understand how to evaluate project team readiness and address gaps
  • Design KPIs to ensure you are measuring what you intend
  • Assess and manage risk through each phase of the project
  • Design testing and training strategies to ensure a successful implementation
  • Monitor post implementation performance against KPIs to understand how your project has performed against your goals
  • Define, measure, and manage impact to the customer


  • Review of the Common Types & Elements of SCM Transformation Projects
  • Understanding and Overcoming Barriers to Cross-organizational Alignment
  • Building and Executing a Change Management Plan
  • Addressing Executive Alignment and Project Team Readiness
  • Building and Managing the Right Metrics/KPIs
  • Creating and Executing a Communications Plan
  • Understanding and Managing Customer Impact
  • Managing Design, Requirements, and Communication
  • Managing the Development Phase
  • Managing the Supply Chain Testing Cycles
  • Developing and Executing a Training Plan
  • Managing the Supply Chain Training Cycles
  • Managing the Cutover and Conversion Plan
  • Managing Go-Live Execution & Risk
  • Case Study: Supply Chain Transformation Failure
  • Case Study: Supply Chain Transformation Success



  • Notebook of slides, notes, exercises and project management tools and templates.

For Course-Related Questions

Please contact the course administrator: Tim Brown