Meeting and Conference Rooms

Whether for an internal staff meeting, client presentation, internal strategy discussion, or break-out session, our meeting and conference rooms are perfect for small group meetings.

Some highlights and features of our meeting and conference rooms include:

  • Natural lighting for a bright and inviting atmosphere
  • Fluorescent and incandescent lighting with clearly marked controls
  • Comfortable, ergonomic seating and hard writing surfaces for easier notetaking 
  • Whiteboard, flip chart, and markers and walls conducive to posting flip chart sheets and notes
  • Courtesy phones for local calls

Meeting and Conference Room Information

Room Description Capacity 6' Distancing*
114/115 Conference Room 100 28
119 Meeting Room 7 1
120 Meeting Room 7 1
129 Multi Purpose Room 12 4
134 Multi Purpose Room 24 10
212 Conference Room 24 8

*In order to reduce transmission of the Covid-19 virus, we have implemented several updated operational procedures that can help minimize potential spread, including reducing room occupancy to ensure distancing for all visitors and staff throughout the building.


Meeting and Conference Room Setups

PARB 119 meeting room

PARB 119 - Meeting Room

PARB 120 meeting room

PARB 120 - Meeting Room

PARB 129 multi purpose room

PARB 129 - Multi Purpose Room

PARB 134 multi purpose room

PARB 134 - Multi Purpose Room

PARB 134 multi purpose room

PARB 134 - Multi Purpose Room

PARB 212 boardroom

212 - Conference Room

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