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Today’s corporations are under more pressure than ever before. Technology, competition, the globalization of business operations, and the speed at which information (and misinformation) travels, all have an enormous impact. It’s essential for leaders and employees to ensure their companies stay ahead of the curve.

From veterans transitioning to civilian life to business leaders and executives looking to hone their leadership skills and professionals striving to build in-demand skills, Georgia Tech-Savannah offers a variety of professional development courses to build your skills, deepen your knowledge, and set yourself up for success in your career.

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The purpose of taking these courses was to advance my career and gain and greater understanding of the role that I am in with my employer. Our group was diverse in all of their roles and came from various industries, so I was able to get information they shared, and I can apply that to what I am doing in my own role.

- Roz Nero
Procurement Negotiator and Proposal Specialist
Roz Nero, procurement specialist

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We enable employers to provide specialized, on-location training on their own timetables. Our world-renowned experts can create unique content that meets your employees' specific needs. We also have the ability to deliver courses via web conferencing or on-demand online videos. For 15 or more students, it is more cost-effective for us to come to you.

  • Save Money
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Group Training
  • Customize Content
  • On-Site Training
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