Supply Chain and Logistics Courses in Savannah

Educating and training the Coastal Region's supply chain workforce

Global Supply Chain Management

Practical and immediate applicable training in various supply chain functions.

Leading-edge supply chain and logistics practices are important to the success of the entire coastal region. The Port of Savannah includes the largest single container terminal in North America and is home to manufacturers, distributors, and a rapidly expanding logistics service industry. As technology advances, large and small businesses must continually evaluate and refine their supply chain strategies and capabilities. Thanks to the Georgia Tech-Savannah campus, coastal area companies and supply chain and logistics professionals have local access to Georgia Tech's renowned professional education curriculum, designed and taught by the Georgia Tech Supply Chain & Logistics Institute — the world's largest supply chain and logistics research and education enterprise.

Georgia Tech-Savannah understands that a successful supply chain relies on the integration of people, processes, and technology. Our short courses provide the latest in supply chain best practices and include real-life examples, site visits, and facility tours. We adjust our public-enrollment course offerings based on market needs, and we can tailor any of our short courses to the corporate learning objectives of customers and deliver them privately.

From lean warehousing to procurement and supply management, principles of transportation management, and demand-driven supply chain strategy, our supply chain courses are applicable towards one of Georgia Tech's certificates in supply chain and logistics. In addition, we offer a series of online supply chain fundamentals courses to address supply chain workforce readiness and provide foundational information for each supply chain domain.

Professional education for Savannah's logistics community

Our leading-edge supply chain and logistics courses provide the latest strategies for those who work – or want to work – in logistics at all levels, from the warehouse to the executive suite.
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The purpose of taking these courses was to advance my career and gain and greater understanding of the role that I am in with my employer. Our group was diverse in all of their roles and came from various industries, so I was able to get information they shared, and I can apply that to what I am doing in my own role.

- Roz Nero
Procurement Negotiator and Proposal Specialist
Roz Nero, procurement specialist
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Supply Chain Education for Veterans

The Supply Chain Project Management track, through the VET2 program, gives veterans the opportunity to gain management skills within the orientation of the supply chain.


Georgia Tech-Savannah provides tailored corporate training programs to help companies improve employee skils in supply chain domain knowledge, innovation, and leadership development.

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