OSHA Training Solutions in Savannah

Educating and training the Coastal Region's safety and health workforce

Occupational Safety and Health

Nationally recognized safety and heath training solutions for construction and general industries.

The growth of Savannah, port expansion, and ongoing military presence has greatly increased the need for occupational safety and health training in the Coastal Region.

Georgia Tech is an authorized OSHA Training Institute Education Center, and the Georgia Tech – Savannah campus offers nationally recognized OSHA training for the construction and general industries from Savannah to South Carolina, northern Florida, and beyond.

  • reducing accidents
  • saving money
  • lowering worker's compensation premiums
  • earning job promotions
  • increasing your salary

In addition, all of our courses are applicable to one of Georgia Tech's certificates in occupational safety and health.


Savannah presents a unique opportunity for the OSHA Training Institute Ed Center at Georgia Tech. The growth of Savannah and surrounding areas, the port expansion, and the ongoing military presence, have greatly increased the need for occupational safety and health training. The Savannah campus allows us to be in a great position to have a positive impact on companies and their workers not only locally, but from South Carolina and northern Florida.

- Jim Howry
Georgia Tech OSHA Education Center


Georgia Tech-Savannah provides tailored corporate training programs to help companies improve employee skills in occupational safety and health domain knowledge, innovation, and leadership development.

  • Save Money
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Group Training
  • Customize Content
  • On-Site Training
  • Earn a Certificate
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