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Tech Moving Forward: Learn more about GTPE's health and safety guidelines for in-person learning and events as well as our expanded virtual course offerings and virtual event services.

Excellence and Efficiency

Pursue ongoing operational improvement for superior service

Streamlining operations, maximizing our resources, and delivering robust services to our community of employees, campus colleagues, industry and state partners, as well as learners is a constant focus. This year’s highlights include advancements in the GTPE digital strategy, a new collaboration with edX and Accenture, and more.

GLC Events Areas of Excellence

The Global Learning Center (GLC) events team supports almost 200 events each year, serving more than 9,400 attendees in 2018. This year, we began to implement the new Areas of Excellence initiative. It involves aligning staff from multiple departments around the common purpose of supporting clients and our business by focusing on three opportunity areas: policies and procedures, revenue maximization, and service excellence. Cross functional teams will address issues that affect our clients and business, with department leads evaluating results and identifying areas of improvement.

Outside shot of the Global Learning Center

Business Process Automation

Within each team, we are exploring ways to automate work and create multi-level efficiencies to save time and cut costs. Implementing DocuSign, for example, has enabled us to complete contract approvals quickly and easily. We have completed the discovery phase of using Workday, an enterprise-wide cloud-based system for managing our financial and human capital, and are in the process of implementing it.

Working professional learning on laptop computer

Digital Transformation

Central to our mission to deliver a unified digital experience to learners is our phase one implementation of Salesforce CRM (customer relationship management) and a marketing automation platform to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of three key GTPE business processes – marketing, recruitment, and admissions support. Notable efficiency gains include enabling GTPE’s academic programs team to handle 13,000 student inquiries in one recruitment cycle for our online master's degrees-at-scale, and the Language Institute to reduce 75 percent of staff time spent on admissions by moving from manual to online applications. Over time, the intention is to expand use and application beyond marketing and recruitment to student support, registration, sales and logistics.

Operational Excellence

We have completed a number of initiatives to improve efficiencies while providing superior customer service to learners and industry, and to our campus partners. In addition to our new collaboration with edX and Accenture on the Online Master of Science in Cybersecurity, we have also streamlined our business model for this program to enable us to maximize our returns. We’ve upgraded our classrooms in the Global Learning Center from analog to digital to enable our clients, learners, and instructors to benefit from state-of-the-art technology.

View of technology available in a classroom at the GLC


Global Companies Support OMS Analytics image
Global Companies Support OMS Analytics
Two of the biggest brands in digital technology, AT&T and Accenture, announced a $1 million contribution to support OMS Analytics.
Low-Cost, Large-Scale, Online Master's Programs image
Low-Cost, Large-Scale, Online Master's Programs
Six institutions follow Georgia Tech's lead and launch affordable online master's degrees.
Georgia Tech Creates a Cybersecurity Master's Degree for Less Than $10,000 image
Georgia Tech Creates a Cybersecurity Master's Degree for Less Than $10,000
Newest at-scale program offered with edX addresses global industry workforce shortage.

GTPE Employees

At GTPE, we encourage professional growth internally and provide the resources for our staff to engage in lifelong learning, live and uphold GTPE’s mission and values, and foster a culture of innovation. Every year, we have many accomplishments to share related to our people, and 2018 is no different.