Sensor & Data Fusion Certificate

Nowadays seconds can be the difference between success and disaster. With our Sensor & Data Fusion Certificate you'll earn how bring together data from multiple sensors and have them automatically filtered, aggregated and extracted so you can interpret them with the speed and precision required to get the job done. No matter whether your application is military or industrial, adroitly sensoring and fusing data is paramount to prevailing in our accelerated world.

How You Will Benefit

  • Understand how to identify the principal components of data fusion systems and select the right systems for your mission.
  • Apply cutting-edge tools and techniques for multi-sensor integration, identification, target tracking as well as situational and threat assessment.
  • Assemble and effectively manage information from a variety of sources.
  • Increase the productivity of yourself and your team to gain a competitive edge in your industry.
  • Establish and deepen contacts with peers and others throughout industry and government.
  • Earn a recognized industry credential.

Who Should Attend

This certificate is designed for military, intelligence, homeland security, and industry personnel who evaluate data. Scientists, software and systems engineers as well as project managers will also find this certificate highly beneficial.

Delivery Method


Certificate Requirements

  • Effective January 2015, courses can only be applied to one certificate. If a core course for a certificate has already been applied to a previously-awarded certificate, then an additional elective must be taken.
  • Certificates must be completed within 6 years; courses completed more than 6 years ago may not be applied toward certificate.
  • All courses applied to a certificate program must be taken from Georgia Tech.